Frankenhein Swim

Drawing from the history of swimwear and specifically the bikini, which was named after an island in the South Pacific where the atomic bomb was tested, Frankenhein Handmade Swimsuits is born. The bikini first appeared in the mid 1940’s during a time of war and post war when materials were scarce and people made do with what they already had. Most of the fabric and materials were for military use, and were limited when it came to fashion or garments. When the bikini debuted, its style was not accepted by contemporary culture at the time, but it continues to be an iconic symbol of explosive change.

Taking inspiration from this history and the concept of improvisation, we create up-cycled swimwear from dead stock fabric (left over fabric from larger manufacturing businesses), existing garments, cast off, recycled, and scrap materials. We want to extend the life of cast-off materials headed to the garbage, creating unique, functional swimwear from pre-existing materials in the process.

We embrace the DIY (do it yourself) theory. We can offer suggestions and help to those who would like to build their own surfboard from broken boards or make a swimsuit from recycled materials. We are here to pass on and share inspiration through history, creative energy, problem solving, and recycling/reusing.

Since the swimsuits are made from dead stock, scrap, and other cast off materials, each piece is one of a kind. The swimsuits are unique and nothing matches perfectly. The idea is to have fun mixing and matching tops and bottoms available in a size.