To take dead longboards and bring them back to life, was not my idea. My dad did. Wasn’t his idea either. I wanted a new short board, I had an old rotten log, a pocket knife, a rasp, some sand paper, and a trash can to get started on. People came by the garage, I fixed dings, and my neighbor brought down a stand. The first one worked, so did the second, and a third. The idea started to encompass any trash foam I could get my hands on, and so I found that there is a plethora of high performance thrusters that were Not built to last.

From the ground up, from trashed surf boards, to salvaged lumber for the stringers and a “hook up” for cast off aerospace composite materials, I build, shape, and glass single fin hybrids to last for generations. Inspired by early wooden planks, garage shapers of the 60’s short board revolution. Single fin and body surfing, old school belly boards, McGyver, high performance tech and grace. At 6 feet and under, flat rocker, displacement and planning bottom contours, and full rails make each board a tiny pocket rocket.  So bring in your dead surfboard for a resurrection or if you don’t have one we can dig in our grave yard for you.

The Six Feet and Under Collection

The Gurney

The Plank

The Tombstone

Custom Orders upon request. Variations in colors, stringers and placement of the blocks. All of the blanks are hand built using broken surfboards, discarded foam, and scrap wood for the stringers. Frankenhein first builds the blank and then shapes the board design.

Please contact us for prices and ordering information.